Top 5 reasons why you should learn Python

Top 5 reasons why you should learn Python

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Python is an interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language. Its language constructs and its object-oriented approach aims to help programmers to write clear, logical code for small and even large-scale projects. It is commonly described as a "batteries included" language due to its extensive standard library. Following are the top 5 reasons why you should definitely learn python.

1) It is easy to learn and easy to implement

Python continues to impress new developers with its ease of functions. It was made to be a general purpose language therefore its syntax is easy to read and understand by new developers too. Moreover, python codes are simply written and have quick execution time when compared to other programming languages.

Most people can learn the core Python principles within a week or two of studying the language through free YouTube tutorial playlists or short courses. After learning Python well enough, many people can freelance easily.

2) Python Libraries and Frameworks

Due to reasons such as corporate sponsorship and big supportive community of python, python has excellent libraries that developers can use to select and save their time and effort on the initial cycle of development. It also follows core programming principles of “not repeating” by giving users access to many rich features that they can reuse in their own programs. It has various “libraries” and “frameworks” that developers can easily access by using “PIP”. While many people are grateful that Python is a very simple language to understand, what they should actually be grateful for is the extensive libraries that are being created. They are what makes Python being simple to learn and work with.

Some very useful industry standard libraries are listed below:

  • Scikit: Machine Learning applications
  • Numpy: Powerful matrix library
  • Pandas: Dataframe library
  • Django: Web development framework
  • Flask: Web application micro framework.
  • Tensor Flow: Used for making production quality machine learning applications

3) Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Concepts like Cloud Computing and Machine Learning etc. are one of the hottest trends in the computer science world right now. They help various organizations to transform and improve their processes and workflows. Python is essentially the second most popular tool used after R language in the field of data science and analytics.

Even various data processing workloads in the organization are powered by python language only as most research or development takes place in this language due to its many applications such as ease of analyzing, organizing the usable data and many more. Tens and hundreds of python libraries are being used in thousands of machine learning projects every day. Examples of such libraries are TensorFlow for neural networks and OpenCV for computer vision, etc.

4) Flexibility

It is a flexible language that allows users to create whatever it is that they desire. Any expert in this language can take on a challenge to create something unique. It does not restrict the developers in any way from developing any sort of application. This kind of flexibility is not provided by other programming languages and therefore is one of the reasons why python is so popular these days.

5) Large and Supportive Community

Python was created almost about 30 years ago. This is enough time for a language and its community to develop. It has a comprehensive documentation, well detailed guides and YouTube tutorials. These factors make it easy for new developers to learn this language. Many new developers are introduced to computer programming through this programming language.

If any language does not have a large community of developers, then it cannot grow much. But as python has existed for a long enough time, there are no such issues. Python developer community is one of the most active programming language communities. If any new developer has any issue whilst programming using python, then they can get help from the senior developers of the community.


Python is currently the first choice for many programmers and students due to it being high in demand in the development market. Whether senior or junior developers, they all always look forward to learning a language that is in high demand. Python is undoubtedly the hottest cake in the market right now and I’d say you all grab a slice too ;)

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